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Large Boxing Ring – $3,999

Description: The large boxing ring is competition grade. The dimensions for the large ring are 20 Ft x 20 Ft


Small Boxing Ring – $2,500

This smaller ring is designed for younger boxers. The dimensions of this ring are 16 Ft x 16 Ft
Small boxing Ring


Heavy Bags – $100

Description: The heavy bag is the most important training tool in boxing. It helps build speed, power, technique and stamina. Each facility requires 8 heavy bags to cover the needs of the young boys and girls who will be training at the Champion Spirit Community Boxing Center
Heavy Bag

Help Buy Heavy Bags


Speed Bag

Description: Speed bags help improve speed, hand-eye co-ordination and stamina. Each facility needs 4 speed bags
Speed Bags

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Double-end Striking Bag

Description: The double-end striking bag helps improve technique, speed, defense and stamina. Each facility needs 4 double-end bags.
Double end Bag

Double-End Striking Bag