Educators And Students

Help us Ensure a Brighter Future for The Youth in Nigeria

Students and teachers all over the world make a difference in the lives of Nigeria’s youth simply by participating in one of the following and sending the proceeds to Champion Spirit Foundation. Send an email to to find out how. Organize and hold a “Champion Spirit” week or month long event — use empty jugs or containers to collect loose change from both students and staff. It will be a great idea to involve local organizations and request that they match the donation.

The following are great ideas for fundraising events in your school:

  • Host an Ice Cream or frozen yogurt Social
  • Host a fitness event; for example, a push up, pullup or tug-o-war contest, where competitors pay a small fee and then you donate the total entry fee.
  • Get parents involved! Have students sign up to do extra chores at home to raise money.
  • Challenge other schools to match or beat the donations your school raises.
  • Put a donation box in your school’s library or cafeteria. Then donate the savings from the collections.
  • Ask for donations at a school dance or sporting event in lieu of admission.
  • Host a pancake or spaghetti dinner for friends, family and faculty

Real Change is Possible

And all your hard work is helping us achieve it. Your donation will support our work in Nigeria to build boxing training facilities and train coaches, so that more children will become empowered and have a chance for a brighter future.