College Fundraisers

Engage your College Community on Campus or Online

College and universities all over the world make a difference in the lives of children simply by participating in one of the following and sending the proceeds to Champion Spirit Foundation. Get involved on your campus: learn how to host an event on your campus or start a Champion Spirit Foundation Campus Club. Email  to receive the College Fundraising Toolkit.

  • Concerts: Host a bands or dance competition, make sure to think about venue, sound equipment, band choice, length of concert, ticket sales, publicity and contacting your student events coordinator.
  • Sports Events: Use competition between intramurals or donations at sporting events to raise money for Save the Children. Consider using preexisting sporting events and incorporating the Greek System into those events. Make sure to contact your student events coordinator and the presidents of other large clubs on campus.
  • Email Writing Campaign: Compile list of friends and family to ask for donations or participation in an advocacy effort. Enlist friends to help out with the email writing.

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